Party Mart

Party Mart

Logo redesign | Web page mockup | POP display



Party mart is a company that offer disposables and rentals for all types of parties.
My role was to redesign the current logo of Party Mart, to create a page within their current website and to create a POP display.

party mart store front with new logo

Project Brief

I began by working on the design brief that I had to present to the art director to have it approved. The brief included information about the project objectives, deliverables, benefits to the customer, desired message, perception, tone for the brand and research about the industry such as competition and other points requested by the art director.

Logo Process

Below is the original logo: the colours and wordmark logo will stay but in a more modern and cleaner version. I began to build a mind map with some ideas that will help in all parts of this project.

old party mart logo
party marts mind map


I created a few quick sketches with some ideas (only one page shown), I went back to see the ideas to decide on the best three.

party mart logo sketches

Four vectorized logos

I decided to vectorize four of the sketches that I believed where the best to get feedback from my art director.

top 4 party mart logos vectorized


Following the feedback from my director and classmates: I changed the "Y" in the most liked logo, so the "M" would be the only one to stand out and to make it cleaner. The final logo consisted in a clean, modern but still fun design for a party shop. It kept the colours of the original to keep the familiarity of the brand.

new party mart logo
party mart style guide
mockup of a lolipop with logo
mockup of party mart bags

Web Page Process

Website Overview

While going through the Party Mart website, I realized that they have a great quantity of products which can be overwhelming, To ease the experience I decided to design a page within the current website.


I created a few quick sketches for the website. On the left are the ones that my art director liked them most when I presented my thoughts.

party mart's website sketches

Final Website

I created the final mockups using FIGMA, and thus presented to my art director and to the class.
Note: I didn't redesign the layout from the NAV and above as I only added the one page.

Age and theme selection page

In this section; customers will answer a set of questions to filter what type of party products they want. For instance; after selecting baby birthday, the will be asked about a theme for their party with the same layout.

party mart set of questions website

Place to decorate page

In this section; cutomers will select what to decorate (table, wall, balloms, outdoors, indoors etc.). this page will also help ease filtering the products.

party mart decorating choices

Main Page

After filtering to their products, customers will have;

  • Right of the page; Customers will see all the options according the questions they preciously answer. here, they will see the price and add to their cart. seeing the price will help the customer stay in budget. they can filter their options in this section by price and popularity.

  • Center of the page; Customers will be able to decorate the space. In this example, they are able to envision the ending result. This has two benefits.
    1.- They can remove items they don't need, therefore, less returns to the store.
    2.- They can see if there's anything more they need, resulting in more sales for the store

  • Left of the page; Customers will see the list of their selected items and add them to cart, they will be able to see their total, remove items and also, filter their choices.

party mart new page

Main Page

  • Customers will be able to customize some items within the same page by using the pop up window. they will also have a visual of their custom design.

  • Bottom of the page; customers will see suggestions of items to add and current promotions. This way customers will hardly miss something for their special day and is also a great way for the store to upsale.

party mart custom pop up window example


The completed website will come with a lot of benefits for both the customer and the store. aside from the benefits listed above, this page will add value to the shopping experience and to what party mart has to offer. If customers become aware of this future they will likely prefer to shop here rather than anywhere else where they have to search a lot of pages to find what they are looking for.

POP  Display process

According to the assignment requirements, this specific POP display is not meant to sell a product in particular but it's used as a form of advertisement.


Using the previous research and mind map, I created a set of sketches. my goal was to create a POP Display hard to miss and unforgettable. to be achieve this, I had to make it interactive and fun.

party mart's pop display sketches

Representation of POP Display

This image is showing the POP Display in a mall. The head of the piñata is the height of the second floor where people passing by can see Party Mart's logo. The colours are chosen based on the logo but with different tints. The legs of the piñata are interactive and fun. people passing by can take candy which would leave a enjoyable memory for kids and adults.

POP Display piñata illustration
Feet of the POP Display piñata


As I was designing it was important for me to think of all the benefits Party Mart could have from these changes or add ons. I believe that aside from advertising, design must be innovative and memorable in order to accomplish its purpose. My art director and I were very pleased with the results, I also understand that if this was a real life project the budget would have to be high but it would be worth the cost as the website and POP Display would surely increase popularity, traffic and sales to the store.


Phone #: (819) 329 1135

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