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HR Wellpayed

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My Role

WellPayed is a website where business owners can gather information about WellPayed HR services. My role was to create a desktop and mobile website prototype by utilizing research on SAAS websites and UI patterns.

The Process

SAAS Research

In a team, we began by doing extensive research on different types of SAAS websites, then concentrated on HR. Lastly, we explored UI patters.

User Persona

Found that business owners need help with their HR duties. as it can be hard to stay organized and in many cases they need to find more time run their business.

User persona named faith

Empathy map

Empathy map will help determine the target audience and what the website needs to provide.

User persona empathy map
Hr Wellpayed userflow for prototype

Information Architecture

With all the research and by looking back
and some websites, I created the userflow that worked best for costumers to explore services.

Low fidelity prototype sketches

Fresh eyes on low fidelity prototypes

A team of four classmates and the teacher reviewed my prototypes, I had them answer a few questions to help me make improvements.

Conclusion on feedback:
Sketch more visuals on my low-fidelity prototype, such as sketches of potential icons and images to make it as clear as possible. Add a value proposition to the banners. The strongest prototype was my second one due to the consistency in the pages and the way the information was shown. a strong part were the user quotes around the pages. An important part to improve based on the review is to keep the call-to-action more consistent.

High Fidelity Prototypes



Home Page

Landing page is where clients will get a glance of WELLPAYED, it includes reviews and a short video of how WELLPAYED will improve their business.

home prototype shown on desktop
home prototype shown on mobile

Time tool

Prototype shows mockups for the actual Time tool site. This tool is great for tracking work time for freelances, contractors and employees.

One of many benefits is that employees can make schedule requests and managers will be able to see and approve them

time tool service prototype shown on desktop
time tool service prototype shown on mobile


This page informs the customer about the benefits of payroll automatization, and how it works with WELLPAYED.

Payroll is connected to time tool, if someone asks for time off or vacation pay it will be linked to their payroll.

payroll service prototype shown on desktop
payroll service mobile prototype

PRODUCTS, Benefits

Employees can enroll directly within the platform to see and receive their benefits. This will help employees take better advantage of their benefits..

benefits service prototype shown on desktop
benefits service mobile prototype


Pricing to use WELLPAYED SAAS website.

pricing prototype shown on desktop
princes in the mobile prorotype


A page to meet the people behind WELLPAYED, having this page builds a more personal human relationship between the user and the website.

who we are prototype shown on desktop
who we are mobile prototype


There might be cases where customers need a human answer that the website can't provide. Here's where the customer can connect to a real life HR specialist.

HR expert advisors desktop prototype
hr experts advice service shown in a mobile prototype


POPUP sign in/sign up window. With Google sign up to ease the process for the user.

sign in prototype shown on desktop


This project’s biggest challenge was to try to think as business owner and what I would like to see on a website that could help me be more productive and organized at work, I had to do extensive research and note down UI patterns within the HR industry.

I tried to keep text minimum but enough to keep the client interested, one way to overcome this challenge was to include videos. the idea is that the videos would be divided in sections in youtube so if needed, the client will click on the minute with the topic of their interest and skip through information that they may not need.

The final website included 8 pages which consisted on the home page, services and pricing, with a clear call-to-action to start using WELLPAYED and to try a demo.


Phone #: (819) 329 1135

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