Indigenous Services Canada Infographic



Indigenous Services Canada, Strategic Research and Data Innovation branch.


This case study shows the first infographic of the series which demonstrates comparisons among Indigenous Peoples in Canada from 2012-2017. As it was my very first project while at ISC, I was given creative freedom. My goal was to create a visually interesting, minimum text, respectful to the topic infographic in order to draw people to learn more.

The process


I was given a brief to create the infographics. I noted down important points and asked the necessary questions to my supervisor. B different government infographics to gather ideas.


I sketched a few ideas, keeping in mind that it had to flow smoothly, I wanted to use symbols/icons to represent each of the topics and make it visually interesting.

My goal was to visually catch people's attention.

Finally, I started to illustrate, type and organize everything in illustrator, I got a lot of feedback before the final version as it is government work, and it must go through a lot of revisions.



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I worked on a lot of different infographics throughout my internship and followed the same format. I worked with another graphic designer who followed my format for his projects to keep it consistent. These infographics are intended to inform people and grab their attention in an interesting and unique way, it is for people who aren’t particularly interested in reading briefs or boring graphs.

The first draft I presented of this infographic was very similar to the final version. My supervisor was very impressed with the initial outcome, however, there was a lot of small details that had to be fixed afterwards, most of them regarding the wording or spaces between graphics. All the text was given to me by my supervisor, but still had to be changed constantly as at least four co-workers had to review it before being published. The final version is a PDF for digital copy.


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