Smart Handles

Smart Handles

UX/UI Prototype



My sister has three kids with a few years apart, her house has had every door with child proof locks, often times visitors forget about them and struggle to open the doors. So I thought, "why not control these hardwares with an app?". Smart Handles is an app that together with the handle locks can identify fingerprints and hand sizes. The app will help to enable and disable who, when and which doors can be open.

smart handles "start" screen mockup

App Process

App Proposal

I began by creating an app proposal that included the description of the app, research of the market and industry, the pain points, tasks, interactions and inspirations.

Information Architecture

Considering that i'm solving a frustrating situation, I needed to make sure the user flow was as intuitive and effortless as possible to navigate.

smart handles-userflow

High Fidelity Wireframes

After receiving feedback from my professor and classmates about the low fidelity prototypes, I implemented the changes that I determined beneficial. I had another review, and thereafter, the high fidelity prototypes were completed.

First time use

The first time use page is to log in or sign up by using an exciting social media account, in such a way that it will ease the set up process.

smart handles "start" screen
smart handles "login" screen

First time use & Installation process

The installation process for the hardware begins here. Users will be taken along a few set of steps.

smart handles "installation" screen

Installation success

following the installation, this is the success message displayed if the hardware is able to connect.

smart handles "device connected"  screen

Installation error

following the installation, this is the failure message and try again screen displayed if the hardware is unable to connect.

smart handles "device not found"  screen

Setting up fingerprints

Users will follow the steps to set up as many fingerprints as they wish, they can also add a name/nickname to identify them, in the settings they can remove or add more and make edits.

In this step they can also see the set of options at the bottom, such as the home page, rooms, and the settings.

smart handles "fingerprint" screen
smart handles "fingerprint name" screen

Home Page

With a straightforward toggle switch, users can allow customers to:

  • Disable lock function (allow all)

  • Allow only adults (the device can identify adult or kids hands)

  • Allow only fingerprints un device

  • Control each room seperatly

smart handles "home" screen


Three main rooms are already in the app as default but more rooms can be added.

If the room is set separately, the "set each room separately" function will enable automatically in the home page, prioritizing the rooms setup.

smart handles "rooms" screen


In this section customers can control the locks within the room chosen:

  • Disable lock function (allow all)

  • Allow only adults (the device can identify adult or kids hands)

  • Allow only fingerprints in device

smart handles "kitchen" screen


This project’s biggest challenge was to envision a busy mom/dad that need to open the app and control the options in a quick and easy effortless manner. I was able to overcome this by including icons of each button/room and a toggle switch. 
I acquired great feedback from my classmates as there wasn’t much to change about the idea at the time, some of my classmates could relate to the frustration and to how my app will ease a lot of headaches. 
During the project, I worked on user research and prototype design, my professor gave me great feedback on what to fix and how to make it better. Only the important tasks where needed for this assignment. The final design was a success.

smart handles screen flow prototype from FIGMA

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